Cube Guitar Combo 15-XL Roland

Cube Guitar Combo 15-XL Roland

  • 15W
  • 8″ high-performance speaker
  • Clean/Lead channels
  • 2 authentic BOSS lead tones, including Metal Zone and Extreme
  • Power Squeezer for full gain at low volume




The Roland CUBE-15XL guitar combo amp continues to push the envelope of innovative amp technology and design, just as its CUBE predecessors have done before it. The CUBE 15-XL dishes out 15 watts of power through an 8″ high-performance speaker.

The CUBE 15-XL has two channels, Clean and Lead, with three BOSS distortion circuits to choose from including the legendary Metal Zone and the new Extreme. Activate the Power Squeezer to achieve full gain at low volume, and use the aux in to connect your music player and jam along with your favorite tunes.

Five Amps in OneThe CUBE-15XL is small and portable yet delivers big-time tone! In all, five amp types are available for instant selection. The Lead channel provides four aggressive choices: three BOSS distortion circuits—Overdrive, Distortion, Metal Zone—and Roland’s newly designed Extreme. Each offers its own unique brand of bite. The Clean channel takes you 180 degrees in the other direction with its pure, transparent tone.

Power Squeeze
Ever wished you could achieve awesome full-volume sound at a lower level? Power Squeezer gives you crushing, full-gain tone even at low volume, letting you experience a dense, overdriven sound without blowing the windows out of your bedroom. Enjoy monster tone at any volume setting, from whisper soft to full blast.

Aux Input, Record Output
You can jam along with your favorite songs by plugging a portable music player into the CUBE-15XL’s Auxiliary Input. Conversely, you can use the Record Output to feed your signal directly into an external recorder, shaping your tone with the CUBE-15XL’s amp models and EQ. The Record Output can also be used as a headphone out for private practice.

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