Cube Guitar Combo 20-XL Roland

Cube Guitar Combo 20-XL Roland

  • 20W
  • 8″ high-performance speaker
  • JC Clean/Lead channels
  • Solo function for extra boost
  • 6 lead types
  • 9 effects including Heavy Octave and COSM vintage spring reverb
  • Power Squeezer for full gain at low volume
  • Convenient audible tuner lets you tun without unplugging


The Roland CUBE-20XL guitar combo amp continues to push the envelope of innovative amp technology and design, just as its CUBE predecessors have done before it. The Roland CUBE-20XL delivers 20 watts through a high-performance 8″ custom speaker. Its compact size is perfect for at-home practice and band rehearsals alike, and it’s conveniently portable.

The CUBE-20XL offers two channels, JC Clean and Lead, plus Solo mode for extra boost when needed. Six BOSS Lead types are provided, including the new Extreme setting, along with nine powerful effects including Heavy Octave, COSM vintage Spring Reverb. The Power Squeezer mode delivers full gain at low volume. An aux input allows portable music players to be connected for jam-along fun, while the onboard Tuning Fork lets you tune your guitar without unplugging.

Dual Channels
The CUBE-20XL offers two switchable channels: JC Clean and Lead. The Lead channel provides six COSM-powered choices, including Overdrive, Distortion, Metal, Metal Stack, Acoustic Simulator, and the new Extreme. The JC Clean channel provides pure, transparent tone. Channel switching can be carried out from the amp’s top panel or via optional footswitch (BOSS FS series, sold separately).

Pro Effects
The CUBE-20XL’s FX section provides six types of great-sounding digital effects, including Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Heavy Octave, plus independent Delay and COSM Spring Reverb. For hands-free selection, an optional footswitch can be used to switch the EFX on and off.

Tuner and Aux Input
The handy built-in tuner lets you tune while your guitar is connected to the CUBE-20XL. Manual and Chromatic tuning modes are provided. In addition, the Tuning Fork function conveniently emits a reference pitch if you wish to hear an audible tone. The aux input can accept a portable music player for jam-along sessions with your favorite songs and backing tracks.

COSM Defined
Composite Object Sound Modeling (COSM) is Roland’s innovative and powerful sound-modeling technology. COSM analyzes the many factors that make up the original sound, such as the electrical and physical characteristics of the original, and then produces a digital model that can reproduce the same sound. In designing the CUBE-XL series, Roland meticulously analyzed and modeled array of world-class amps and effects to bring you the versatile and authentic tone palette that these amps provide.

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