speaker aktive dsr112 yamaha 1

Speaker Aktive DSR112 Yamaha

Type speaker : 12″ 2-way, Bi-amp Powered Speaker, Bass-reflex Type
Frequency range : 55Hz – 20kHz
Komponen LF : 12″ cone
Komponen HF : 2″ Titanium diaphragm compression driver
Crossover : FIR-X tuning (linear phase FIR filter) 1.7kHz
Daya keluar : 1300W (LF: 850W HF: 450W)
Tingkat keluar maksimum : 134dB SPL
Prosessor : D-CONTOUR (Dynamic CONTOUR)
Konsumsi daya : 100W
Berat bersih : 21.2kg

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Product Description

The DSR112 is the most compact and versatile multi-purpose 2-way active loudspeaker system in the series. Capable of an astonishing maximum peak SPL of 134dB, the DSR112 is a perfect match to a wide range of portable PA and installation applications. Ideal for use as a front of house main PA, as well as for stage monitoring applications, it also includes integrated M10 rigging points for suspended applications.

proses suara
Proses dinamis multi-band D-CONTOUR (Dynamic-CONTOUR)
amplifier kelas D terbaru 1300W dengan perubahan modus supply daya PFC
Maximum SPL 134dB peak
Proteksi kelanjutan dari transducer, amplifier dan supply daya dari DSP penampilan tingkat tinggi
Kelas premium, transducer dengan rancangan yang dibuat sesuai pesanan
CD Horn waveguide ekslusif 90° × 60°
Compact and lightweight (21.2kg / 47lbs)
Performs as main PA or floor monitor
Penyangga dan tiang penyusun dengan 35mm tiang soket
M10 rigging point yang terintegrasi untuk aplikasi yang disuspensi

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